One of the biggest determining factors of purchasing a home is its location. No matter what the home looks like, if it is in the wrong neighborhood it will sit on the market longer. So how can you tell if the house you are interested in is in a good neighborhood when you currently live to far away to go see it in person? Here are some great ways to get a feel for and learn about a neighborhood when you can’t visit it.  

For General Statistical Overviews and Unique Data How to Learn About a Neighborhood Without Being There

There are many different websites that will give you a general overview of a neighborhood’s characteristics. Some of these include AreaVibes, Niche, even Zillow and more. NeighborhoodScout will let you plug in a specific address and it will provide general info like median home price and commute times as well as unique info like cultural demographic of residents and architectural types of homes.  

Take a Virtual Walk Around 

There is a free app called Walc it shows you what you would actually see if you were walking around the neighborhood. All you have to do is open the app, stick in a specific address, add a final destination, and you are ready to take a virtual walk around the neighborhood. It will give you a good feel for what is around a home you are interested in and what the neighborhood around a particular home looks like without physically being there. 

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Transit Score, Walk Score, and Bike Score  

How to Learn About a Neighborhood Without Being ThereThese are all great resources that offer better looks at how easy it would be to use other modes of getting around a neighborhood beside use a car. Transit score maps out all of the public transportation and where to access it. Walk Score gives you information on what is within walking distance from your home. Bike Score lets you know how easy it is to get around on a bike in a particular neighborhood.  

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You can find out about the particular schools the neighborhood you are interested in is zoned for and their quality through a number of different websites. Don’t make the mistake of going to just one site and trusting their information completely. While the site is a nice resource for finding information on particular schools, it does not always provide a large number of differing opinions. Make sure to check more than one site for ratings on the same schools, check at least three or four. This will help you to get a good idea about what the school is truly like. Also, check out if the school has a FaceBook page or a booster club page. How active are these pages? How often are things posted on these? Is there a sense of organization, a lot of offered activities to join into, a feeling of pride and ownership? These are signs of a good and active school.  

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What is There to Do? 

Some home listings will include a few activities that are close by, but to find out a little more look at sites like Yelp, Moviefone, and even Gravy to get info on local restaurants, movie theaters, and events in an area.  

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