4 Reasons to Put Carpet Cleaning on Your Pre-Sale Checklist – Before you put your home on the market you will have a list of things you need to do to get your home in pristine condition and ready to show to potential buyers. Here are some reasons why you should make sure carpet cleaning is part of that list. 

First Impressions Do Matter 

When selling your home, you only get one chance at a first impression. With buyers, the first impression is everything. Whether the buyer is expecting too much or just pleasantly surprised at a home in pristine condition, carpet cleaning will only boost the appearance of your home. Homes in immaculate condition tend to sell faster and closer to list price. It gives the impression of pride of ownership; that if the owner made sure to care for the little things they more than likely have done a good job of caring for the bigger things.  

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Sometimes our homes can harbor a distinct smell, but sometimes it isn’t always a pleasant one. We may not realize it because we live there and are used to it. Some homes can smell funky or musty or just stale when you walk in from the outside. If this is the first thing to greet a buyer when they walk in it can be a big turn off.  

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One of the largest scent retainers in our homes is our carpets and soft surfaces. Help get rid of any unpleasant and unwelcoming scents by deep cleaning your home’s carpets.  

What’s Your Home Worth Today?

Provide a Comfortable Atmosphere to All Buyers 

Carpets do not just hold on to stains and odors, they are the biggest filter in your home and also hold onto dust and allergens. If it has been a long time since your carpet was cleaned, it can become an overly full filter that just kicks allergens and irritants back up into the air. If a potential buyer suffers from allergies or asthma it can make for an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience. They may not be able to concentrate on looking at the home.  

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Show That Moving In will Take Little Effort 

A home that is professionally deep cleaned requires very little work or effort on the buyer’s part to get the home ready for move-in. This is a very big and appealing bonus for buyers that are hoping to find a new home that requires little work. The majority of home buyers today are looking for turn-key homes. This means they want a home that is in excellent condition, up to date in style and finishes, and ready to just turn the key and bring in their stuff.  Homes that are professionally deep cleaned help to provide this and put a buyer’s mind at ease.  

If you’re doing a big spring clean this year because you’re looking to sell, these tips will get your South BarringtonBarringtonSchaumburgStreamwood, Hoffman Estates, Roselle, Bartlett, and Chicago Northwest Suburbs home ready for any buyer’s eyes.

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