Screen-worthy – it’s a new word. We’ve heard of show-ready but in this era, we need to be screen-worthy as well. Homeowners and sellers have a little bit of a challenge these days with the onset of virtual tours in certain rules and regulations about open houses. But, that doesn’t mean that your listing needs to suffer. On the contrary, your listing should shine and stand out from the rest, especially if the only way a buyer can see your home is with their screen.

Today, we have virtual tours and virtual open houses more than ever so the home has to be amazing when shown online. As your real estate agent,  I can help stage, set up, show, and photograph your home so that it is amazing to potential buyers but we also want those virtual tours, regardless of when we show the home, to stand out and be memorable.

Here are four ways to make your home screen-worthy for virtual tours.

#1. Clear everything out.

Take your staging and cleaning routine one room at a time. We will need to photograph and tour every single room so take the time to start war room by room, typically rooms that you use the least or have the least amount of activity. Clear everything off of counters, tables, and shelves, pack as much as you can, and then put just two or three items back.

Bookshelves with hundreds of books just look cluttered. Once you’ve packed up at least half of the items in a room, clean it really well, and then carefully and intentionally put no more than 3 to 5 things in a grouping on a flat surface. For instance, if you have a nightstand, no more than 3 to 5 items should go there. An uneven number of items actually looks better to the eye. This goes for the living room, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and even the garage if you have the space.

Make four boxes or three piles of items are going to sell, donate, throw away, or keep. The less random stuff you have on display, the more spacious each room will look.

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#2. Stage the space.

Consider the layout. You may love the layout now but it may not maximize space on screen. Take a few test photos to see if the current layout photographs well. Consider moving items around to create a broader more spacious room and design. Try your own video chat walk-through to see if you have a clear path between furniture. You don’t want anyone tripping over furniture will doing a live tour as it just shows clutter and inconvenience.

Make each room as it was originally intended. If you’ve converted the dining room or a kids room into 1/2 of an office, try to go back to what it was originally intended to be. We know that working from home is very common right now but buyers still want to see the dining room completely set, ready for dinner, kid’s rooms neat and organized, and an office perfectly staged for professional work.

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Virtual staging

#3. Consider virtual staging.

If you have a vacant house, you can’t simply throw a load of furniture back in as it’s costly and time-consuming, so consider virtual staging. Staged homes always sell faster but if you can’t purchase any furniture you might try virtual staging, which digitally adds furnishings to the space in photographs. There are many online services and DIY apps to choose from.

It’s a proven fact that nearly 70% of staged homes sell for at least 8 to 10% more of their un-staged counterpart. There are several virtual home staging software options or even services to choose from that can cost anywhere from $10 per photo up to hundreds of dollars depending on your budget and your time.

#4. Share, share, and share again.

Once you’ve done all the hard work, don’t just leave your virtual tour or images once on your social media. It said that less than 30% of your friends actually see the majority of your posts so it’s okay to post over and over again and share on multiple social media sites and have friends share as well. Once you have a screen-worthy home, you want to show it off!

There are many ways to stand out among comparable properties these days but it does take a little bit of work. I can help you list, stage and price your home and get it sold, even in today’s market! Let’s get your home screen-worthy!

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